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This is not just a game
Are you planning a thrilling challenge with friends? Or a teambuilding event for you and your colleagues? Look no further! As many others, you have probably wondered how it would be to play a computer game in real life. You wouldn't have come here otherwise, right? Well, our escape games offer this opportunity!
You willingly agree to let yourself be locked up in a room, only for you to try to escape again. By solving puzzles and collecting items, you will find your way to freedom. But you only have one hour. The adrenaline rushes through your veins. Do you have what it takes?


Once you enter Escape the Freakshow, you will find yourself in the middle of a circus from the 19th century. If the audience had not seen an oddity of nature in the form of a human, the show was not a success. Witihin the circus territory, these freaks were mockingly cheered, but once outside they were feared. Therefore, they were easily blamed for any kind of crime that occured during their presence. Accusations that were barely right of course.
Unfortunately, your story is one of the exceptions that occured once in a while. After that night's show, you decide to wander around the field, hoping to meet one of the freaks in person. Just as you are about to enter a tent, you feel a harsh sting in your neck. Then, everything turns black...

Other games

Escape the Freakshow is only one of our games in Ghent. If you are thirsty for more excitement, you can always try our other games. Beware though, the experience and challenge only intensify!